Wing couple abandon Turkish charity swim plans

A Wing couple who were planning to take part in the Bosphorus Cross Continental Swim to raise money for refugees have had to abandon their plans.

Keith and Jenny Esdon of Chesterfield Crescent are bowing to pressure after the recent attempted coup and the crackdown in the country. But they’re bitterly disappointed.

Export sales manager Keith, 60, said: “With heavy hearts we’ve decided to cancel our participation in the swim this year.

“I’ve spoken to my personal contact in Istanbul and he thinks there is a continuing elevated risk – especially for a large group of international people in one area, then in the water for up to two hours.”

He added: “We have family to consider which in the end was the deciding factor.”

Keith said the pair had been offered guaranteed places for 2017 through organisers Swimtrek but in the meanwhile they were looking at other fundraising options.

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