Wing husband and wife team swim Turkey’s Bosphorus strait for maritime rescue charity

Keith and Jennifer after the Henley Mile
Keith and Jennifer after the Henley Mile

An athletic couple from Wing are taking on a big challenge this weekend as they swim six and a half km along the The Bosphorus strait, Turkey.

Keith Esdon, 61, and his wife Jennifer, 53, are taking on the mighty task in order to raise money for the International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF), hoping to reach a target of £2,000.

Keith and Jennifer after the Great North Swim last month

Keith and Jennifer after the Great North Swim last month

For safety, the husband and wife duo will be completing their charity challenge with Swim Trek, who organise trips for travellers, The Bosphorus joining the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea in Istanbul, and separating the continents of Europe and Asia.

Keith said: “We are flying on Friday (July 21) and swimming on Sunday.

“Jenny and I started open water swimming only two years ago and this will be our biggest challenge yet. We have been training in lakes in UK but never out in deep water.

“We are not youngsters any more so these events become progressively more challenging.

“We felt that by taking on such a challenge in open water we might - fleetingly - understand what it must be like when you have no choice.”

Keith used to work in the field of science (infection and control), previously living in Cyprus and the Middle East, including Qatar and Syria.

He said: “I know a number of refugees and people who come to the UK and make fantastic lives for themselves.

“We have all seen many images of refugees in boats and a child on a beach; the world is becoming desensitised to this continual and growing problem.

“Our aim is to raise as much as we can for this worthy cause to make the seas safer for those in need.

“IMRF is a non political charity that helps fund and offer assistance to organisations around the world.

“It is a really great charity, not just for refugees, but for sailors, holiday makers and fishermen alike, as IMRF rescue those in peril at sea.”

Keith and Jennifer have previously completed the Henley Mile and Great North Swim, but this will be their biggest challenge!

The cross continental swim is around four miles from Asia, under the Sultan Selim bridge then across to the European bank just north of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge.

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