Wing Iron Age coin is declared treasure!

A beautiful coin that is thousands of years old has officially been declared as treasure after a member of the public found it in Wing.

Tuesday, 30th October 2018, 5:00 am
The Eastern British Iron Age Gold Stater (circa 60-20 BC)

An Eastern British Iron Age Gold Stater (circa 60-20 BC) was found on August 18 by Bryan Robinson on land owned by Ascott Farm Ltd.

Mr Robinson, who was permitted to be on the land, then made his find known, and a treasure inquest was held at Buckinghamshire County Council Cornoners Court, of Beaconsfield, on Thursday (October 25).

Senior coroner, Crispin Giles Butler, concluded that it was treasure. The coin was found in the same area as a previously dispersed hoard of six staters. No other persons had interest in the land.

When an item is declared as treasure The British Musuem or National Museum of Wales is given the opportunity to acquire the find.

There is a system for the finder to be paid a reward from public money based on the treasure’s market value.

It is also possible for some of it to be awarded to the land owner.