Woburn singer to support Gary Barlow on tour!

Jason Brock
Jason Brock

A talented singer from Woburn is honoured to be supporting Gary Barlow on tour, embracing the chance to showcase his new music.

Jason Brock, 32, first met Gary when he was taking part in BBC One competition, Let It Shine, broadcast in January last year.

Jason Brock

Jason Brock

Jason made it to the final and was close to winning a place in Barlow’s new musical, The Band, but narrowly missed out as being one of its five frontmen.

However, Jason’s star is on the rise!

He said: “After the show finished Gary got in contact with me and asked to meet up. He said he had a few ideas to help me out, so we went for dinner a couple of times to talk through things and figure out the right approach to let me be me, and do my own sort of thing.

“After Let It Shine, I’d gone back into Thriller the musical [London], where I’d worked previously, and when the time was right Gary said: ‘How about you come and support me on tour?’

“How could I turn that down?!”

Jason will be performing two cover songs - one of which is Run To You by Whitney Houston - as well as five or six numbers of his own.

The first 20 days of the tour will be supported by KT Tunstall, while Jason will be starring as Gary’s support act for the tour’s second half.

Jason said: “My style is electro pop with a modern take on things. I’ve been through some really hard, personal times and I hope that what I sing about can help someone in the long run - if I can get through a tough time, they can too!

“Gary is super friendly and down to earth. I was so overwhelmed but he said: ‘You need to get over this, we’re friends - I’m just a normal guy!’”

The tour will be going to, among other locations, Birmingham, London, and Nottingham, the latter where Jason’s excited family will watch him.

Fans should also keep their eyes and ears peeled, as Jason has an EP in the pipeline, too!

Tour dates: http://www.garybarlow.com/