Woburn weekend for endangered tigers

Tiger at Woburn
Tiger at Woburn

The focus will be on the world’s most endangered tiger species at a special fundraising weekend at Woburn Safari Park. It takes place from July 30 - 31.

The event follows the birth of the Park’s prized twin Amur tiger cubs last year and will be in support of the Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance (ALTA).

Park keepers chose to support the charity because of its important mission to raise funds for projects in the wild that help prevent the extinction of the species.

The fun-filled weekend is included with standard Park admission and there will be a range of fantastic tiger-themed activities with the carnivore keepers, including the Tiger Buzz and the messy ‘Splat the Poacher’ games.

Visitors can also take a special up-close encounter – a 30 minute off-road adventure in the tiger reserve with a keeper to learn all about the animals and this important charity.

Carnivores spokesman Craig Lancaster said: “All the keepers have a great passion for this vulnerable species and for the good work of the ALTA tiger charity – even more so since the birth of our beautiful cubs Mishka and Milashki last year.

“Wild tiger numbers continue to fall and their habitat is disappearing, so we hope this event will help raise much needed funds for ALTA’s projects and help to safeguard tigers from possible extinction.”

Woburn’s rare Amur tiger cubs arrived in September and are the first to be born at the Park in 23 years. The species is critically endangered and the wild population is thought to number only about 520 so the international captive breeding programme is of vital importance to help protect its future.