Woman distraught after dog “deliberately” run over in Leighton Buzzard


A woman was left distraught after witnessing a Yorkshire Terrier run over by a car in Leighton Buzzard this morning.

The collision took place at a zebra crossing on West Street, not far from Waitrose, at around 8.30am.

And that’s not all, as the woman – who also rescued the dog – is convinced it was no accident.

She said: “I was in my car and saw a little Yorkshire Terrier run out into the road from the canal.

“A car came driving towards it and then stopped, the dog froze still in the middle of the road.

“Then, without warning, it started up again and went straight into the dog and drove off. It was deliberate.”

The woman immediately got out of her own car to check on the state of the animal.

She added: “I pulled over and it had a broken leg. There was lots of blood.

“Another lady was there tending to the dog, and we went in my car to take it to the vets.”

The dog was taken to Arkhouse Vets and the owners were contacted.

They confirmed that a seven-year-old male Yorkshire Terrier had been hit by a vehicle and was still being treated for its injuries.

The woman who rescued the dog added: “Someone out there knows what they’ve done. I want them to feel ashamed because he or she will know who they are.”