Working to resolve anti-social behaviour


by Insp James Davies, Thames Valley Police’s Neighbourhood Inspector for Aylesbury Vale...

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB). Is it me or does it seem to be a modern phenomena?

Certainly when I was a child hanging around the park the police never came and moved me on. However ASB must have always existed?

We have always argued with our neighbours and turned music up too loud.

At Thames Valley Police we do all that we can to reduce ASB and it is one of the key roles for the neighbourhood team at Wing Police Office.

They have worked hard over the last 12 months on 143 ASB cases in the Great Brickhill, Wing and Ivinghoe area.

If there is behaviour that is threatening, a public nuisance, causes a detrimental impact to the environment or a detrimental effect on the quality of life on the individual or community then we get involved.

What do we do about ASB? You call us and we come and complete a risk assessment to determine our next steps.

We have a police officer and an Aylesbury Vale District Council employee who work wholly on ASB cases. They have regular meetings with social housing providers to discuss ongoing issues.

We are regularly called by neighbours who just do not get on and we suggest mediation through Buckinghamshire Mediation Services.

Then there are the new ASB powers...

We were among the first police area in Thames Valley Police to be granted authority by magistrates to close an address where drugs use and ASB was adversely affecting the community. We regularly use dispersal powers to move on those committing ASB in public places. There is more to come but now we have the tools to make a real difference to communities.

Finally all I would ask is, as always, is that if there is a local ASB problem that we work in partnership with the public and the parish and town councils to resolve the matter.

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