World is novelist’s oyster as he creates online author page

Tony Swann
Tony Swann

An author from Leighton Buzzard is planning to see his works reach a broader audience via the internet.

Tony Swann, 65, a retired bookseller, has been working on an author page on Amazon, marketing his books among literally millions of others.

Eighteen years ago he published a political novella in a very small edition entitled The Spell Factory which received four star reviews.

Copies are now on offer at up to an astounding £185 in the UK and $250 in the USA.

He has re-issued the book rebranded as The English Dissident and has just created the colourful page on Amazon, offering it along with his other more scholarly works at more reasonable prices.

Please note there is a free app for PCs if you do not have a Kindle. Tony, who ran Wheldon & Wesley Ltd, a family business of specialist natural history booksellers. said: “With a million books for sale on Kindle I am going to have to work hard at marketing!

“I am working on what I hope will be my masterpiece, a novel about spiritual fulfilment as old age approaches.

“The Amazon project took three weeks hard work at no cost. Amazon software is amazing.”

To view his Author Page search on Amazon for The English Dissident, click on the cover image and then on the author name.