World War Two escape room launches in Wing - but Don’t Get Locked In!

The first family to try the game!
The first family to try the game!

A new World War Two escape game is puzzling Leighton-Linslade residents - but make sure you Don’t Get Locked In!

Based in a 1940s building on Cublington Road, and just a short drive away from Bletchley Park, ‘home of the codebreakers’, friends and families are being put to the test as they are sealed in a room with just one hour to break out.

The Wright family.

The Wright family.

Players are transported back in time, as Churchill asks you to find secret German plans, your team the last resort after top government agents have mysteriously disappeared!

Cathy Wright, of Linslade, co-founder of Don’t Get Locked In, said: “The room, called ‘The Secret Hut’, is a 1940s scene and you and your team are cryptologists, finding and solving puzzles - although I don’t want to give too much away!

“We have tried to make the room as authentic as possible, themed in a wartime style.

“The location is so close to Bletchley and the game is in an old 40s building - the area was quite something back then and I think there was an airfield nearby.

Don't Get Locked In held an Easter giveaway. Cathy presents the chocolate to winner, Vicki Stone. You'd better ration that, Vicki - there's a war on don't you know!

Don't Get Locked In held an Easter giveaway. Cathy presents the chocolate to winner, Vicki Stone. You'd better ration that, Vicki - there's a war on don't you know!

“That’s why it felt so right in terms of the venue when looking for what we wanted.”

Don’t Get Locked in is a family project, with Cathy designing and setting up the game along with her husband, Marcus, son Nick, and daughter, Lauren.

Their idea for Don’t Get Locked In was conceived just ten weeks before opening, with the room’s completion taking just two weeks.

The Wright’s have already had lots of eager codebreakers since opening ready for Easter, with some making it out in time with plans to stop the advancing Germans, and others needing a bit more practice, letting Britain sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age!

Well, OK - not quite - but you get an embarrassing photo taken to show you got locked in!

Cathy said: “The first family who played had such a good time - they really got into it, and the young lad was dressing up in wartime clothes!

“I think children and young adults especially are looking for something else to get them out of the house. That’s what the purpose of this is.

“It’s for people looking to do something fun and interactive with friends, families, or work colleagues - an experience to share in common.

“The idea to open our own room was triggered by a holiday in Cornwall. We played a couple of escape games as a family and it united us. It brought everyone together, and we thought - we could do this!”

Being a “business-minded” family, Nick studying Computer Science at Bedford College, and Lauren a Cedars Upper student interested in interior design, they went ahead with the idea full guns blazing.

The family searched towns and online sites for antiques, while they bought an old typewriter from Watford Mencap.

Now, all they need is the players - have you got what it takes?

The game is recommended for children aged 12 and above, but if younger codebreakers want to play they are welcome to come with their families and join in the fun!

To book a game at Don’t Get Locked In, call 0333 303 1312 or visit:


Address: Acorn Farm Business Centre, Cublington Road, Wing, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 0LB.