Wrigglies bring education and conservation

Julian (left) introduces customers to reticulated python, Grace
Julian (left) introduces customers to reticulated python, Grace

A new exotic pet store has arrived in LBO land, aiming to educate, and promote reptile conservation.

Wrigglies Exotic Pets, Hockliffe Street, will sell tropical and cold water fish, amphibians and reptiles, as well as providing animal care advice, food, and equipment.

The new shop opened on February 11, and the store was full of excited customers.

Julian Clare, manager, said: “Wrigglies was very well received by local people. There was lots of animal handling on the day and the children could hold our 14ft reticulated python, Grace! It was a day of education.”

Julian’s aim is to help educate the public about how reptiles help the environment and staff will run school workshops and children’s parties.

Julian said: “If snakes weren’t present our food crops would fail year on year; rodents would devastate them.

“Scorpion venom, which glows in the dark, can also help us. Cancerous tissue is injected with venom, and when absorbed, the tumour will glow - the surgeon has more chance of removing all the tissue.”

The store also has a council-approved Dangerous Wild Animal (DWA) room, housing and offering training with Julian’s own reptiles, including vipers and cobras.

Julian said: “It is difficult for people to get a DWA license without experience and we don’t want people keeping them illegally. We offer a secure, safe environment and entry is by appointment only.

“We’ve previously trained staff at the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and I have had 27 years’ experience working with dangerous snakes.”

Wrigglies: 01525 373460.