X-perience 270 degree immersion in movies as ScreenX launches at Cineworld Milton Keynes


They’ve brought us the enhanced sound and visuals of Super Screen, the immersive experience of 4DX, and on Saturday I visited Cineworld Milton Keynes to sample their latest moviegoing offering – but would ScreenX have the all important X Factor?

ScreenX is the world’s first multi-projection cinema technology expanding the traditional screen to the side auditorium walls, creating a 270-degree viewing experience for the audience during selected film sequences.



Originally launched in South Korea, Cineworld Milton Keynes is the eighth cinema in the UK to introduce ScreenX.

ScreenX walls are installed with a fabric to ensure brightness and colour closely match the content on the main screen and extend the length of the auditorium. Strategically placed audio systems and speakers ensure that sound does not compromise the immersive viewing experience.

The film I watched was Aquaman, but the purpose of this article isn’t to review the actual movie but to assess whether ScreenX is just a gimmick, an amazing new innovation for cimema goers, or somewhere in between those two extremes.

The first part of the movie to use the technology was a scene in an aquarium and I must say it was very absorbing to be surrounded by water and sea creatures.



In fact, as this was Aquaman, the clue was in the title that we could expect a fair amount of H20 action and the extra screens worked well with all the underwater scenes – albeit I was trying to blank out of my mind the cinema’s fire escape signs protruding in the middle of, for example, the ocean!

Stunning landscapes like the Sahara were also really impressive, particularly when the pace of the movie action had slowed to allow you to look around and take in the full view.

However when the screens kicked in for some of the more dramatic moments I did find myself getting a bit distracted peering left and right out of curiosity and occasionally missing what was happening on the central screen as a consequence.

My family and I were sat centrally in Row G which meant as well as looking left and right we were also looking behind us at times. It would be interesting to see if the experience was further enhanced by sitting deeper in the room so you could see more of the extra projections in your pheripheral vision without the need to turn your head so much. However maybe you’d then feel less immersed if you weren’t surrounded by the movie so much.

For me ScreenX was an enjoyable new experience, and it also got the thumbs up from my other family members, so I’m sure we’ll be back to see how the technology is utilised in different films.

For others who may be unsure, I’d say it’s certainly worth giving it a try at least once to see what you make of it. So why not take the plunge with Aquaman?

To book tickets for ScreenX, visit www.cineworld.com/screenx