Young Farmers didn’t bale out of sculpture challenge

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Leighton Buzzard Young Farmers have completed a sculpture of a combine harvester to celebrate their upcoming new members’ week from October 13 to 18.

Built from more than 30 straw bales of all shapes and sizes it is part of a countywide competition in which the seven clubs belonging to Bedfordshire YFC promote themselves and their national counterpart.

Leighton Buzzard Young Farmers Club MPLO

Leighton Buzzard Young Farmers Club MPLO

The club which was established in 1934 is one of the oldest and largest in the country with more than 90 members who not only take part in weekly activities but also run and manage it.

Henry Hunt, committee member, said: “We make sure we provide a varied and entertaining programme of projects for our members.

“This sculpture was a fantastic way to promote our club and get people involved.”

Before the start of new members’ week all seven sculptures will be built around Bedfordshire with the hope of attracting people between the ages of 13 and 26 who would like to join.

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