Young mum creates a new world for herself

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Leighton Buzzard mum Millie Burgoyne has had her first book published and is busy writing the sequel.

Millie, who has a young son with autism is working hard on the follow up to Roamers.

She said: “I started writing at the age of 16. My first book, Roamers, began as a screenplay. I found at one point that I couldn’t take it any further in that format, and I didn’t pick it up again until roughly 2012, when I rethought the plot and adapted it as the beginnings of a novel.

“Roamers is the first instalment in a series of three books following Scarlett McKenzie in a post-apocalyptic world. It’s a fictional look at how a young woman might learn to adapt in a world where nobody is guaranteed to survive day-to-day with the constant threats of the Roamers, a lack of food and water, and most importantly, other survivors.

“I’m currently working on the second instalment in the Roamers series, which picks up exactly where the first ends.

“Finding the time to sit down and write can be tricky. I have a seven-year-old son who has high functioning autism, and I’m at work while he is at school, so my days can be pretty full on!

“I always carry a notebook and pen with me, and during my lunch breaks at work I might jot down some ideas and type them up later when my son is in bed.

“Sometimes I get ideas from places I visit, so I like to be able to write a brief description while I’m there. Other than that, I sometimes write a short summary of each chapter, and then just sit down and write. There’s a lot of editing involved doing it like that.

Millie said that her mum ensured she had a good grasp of English and a general love of words. She added: “My son is the same – he possesses an imagination like nobody else I’ve ever known!

“Writing gives me an opportunity to sit at my computer and think from someone else’s perspective for a while. I get to create and immerse myself in a fictitious universe and build three dimensional characters with their own thoughts, feelings, problems and relationships, and escape from what can otherwise feel like a monotonous reality.”

Roamers is available to buy on Amazon as an eBook or a paperback, under the pseudonym, ‘Velveteen Viper’, and you can find Millie on Facebook and Twitter.