Goats on the web – they’re not kidding!


THE goatcam is back, up and running all summer at Mead Open Farm, showing behind the scene antics of the pygmy goats.

Viewers will be able to witness the cute action of newly-born kids and 10 nanny goats from the 24/7 camera which includes them playing on a see-saw they’ve magically been able to master.

The farmers are in on the action too, mucking out the pens, feeding them at meal-times and providing fresh water.

Matt Heast, of Mead Open Farm said: “Goats are one of the most popular animals here. Full of life, they are perfect for the live viewing online with always something cheeky to watch.”

The fun doesn’t stop, as there are plenty more things to do such as, pony grooming, sheep racing, lamb bottle feeding and recreational activities.

Mead Open Farm is open from 10am all week and is based at Billington.

Visit www.meadopenfarm.co.uk for more information and view the goatcam