This is the Titanic question Prue Leith got wrong on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? - do you know the answer?

Great British Bake Off judge, Prue Leith, recently made an appearance in the hot seat of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, hosted by Jeremy Clarkson.

Following a disastrous performance from Piers Morgan, Leith found herself in a tricky situation when she didn’t know the answer to a question about the Titanic on the famous TV quiz show.

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Playing to raise money for charity, she was one question away from winning £64,000 when it all went wrong.

The question

The question was, “Which of these senior crew members on RMS Titanic survived the sinking?”

The available answers were:

  • A. 1st Officer William Murdoch
  • B. Chief designer Thomas Andrews
  • C. 2nd Officer Charles Lightoller
  • D. Captain Edward Smith

Leith opted to use her ‘hone a friend’ lifeline, ringing her nephew Sam to ask for his help.

However, Sam said, “Oh God, I have no idea Prue, I’m afraid. I’m fairly sure it wouldn’t be the captain.” He was then cut off.

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Using another lifeline, Leith went for 50/50, which eliminated options A and B, but she still didn’t appear to have a clue. Ultimately, Leith guessed her answer, locking in answer D, Captain Edward Smith.

The answer

Unfortunately for Leith, her answer was incorrect.

The right answer was option C, 2nd Officer Charles Lightoller. Lightoller was a British Royal Navy officer, and was the most senior member of the crew to survive the sinking of the Titanic.

Guessing the wrong answer meant that Leith lost £48,000, leaving the studio with £16,000 for charity.

‘Has she not even watched Titanic?’

Many viewers of the quiz show were left astonished at the GBBO judge’s blunder, with some taking to Twitter to express their outrage.

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One wrote, “Can’t believe that Pru said the Captain of the Titanic survived!!! I thought it was astonishingly easy as 50/50s go!”

Another tweeted, “Wtf Prue!!! Has she not even watched Titanic, bl**dy nora.”

“Expected Prue to get that… after all, everyone knows the Captain didn’t survive, goes down with his ship. Sounded so confident too. Wrong to guess though, cost the charity a lot of money,” wrote another.

Someone else tweeted, “What?! Thought everyone knew the Captain went down with the ship?”