From Abbey to Zahana-Oni, a must-have ‘bible’ for all Luton Town fans

Luton Town Football Club: The Full Record
Luton Town Football Club: The Full Record

Who’s the oldest player to turn out for Luton Town in a Football League game?

Not sure? Then can you name the youngest player to appear for the Hatters?

And how about the tallest and shortest footballers to wear the Luton Town shirt, the all-time top goalscorers and the players who have made more appearances than any others during the club’s 130-year history.

The answers to all these questions and many more are contained within the 300-plus pages of Luton Town Football Club: The Full Record.

Hatters club historian Roger Wash and statistician and commentator Simon Pitts have been busy updating and revising their book, first published in 2010 to coincide with the club’s 125th birthday.

More than 40 new pictures and the last four seasons’ matches and player statistics have been added to what is now the official ‘bible’ of Luton Town-related facts, figures and photos.

And it’s certainly a welcome addition to the ever-expanding collection of Hatters books on this reviewer’s shelves.

That fount of all Luton Town knowledge Roger Wash admits the book would never have got off the ground without the computer wizardry of Simon Pitts, the man they call Statto, who converted Roger’s old hand-written records, which he had compiled following numerous trips to Luton Central Library.

And he added: “I always promised that a revised and updated version of the book would be published once we got back into the Football League and after a glorious 2013/14 season, with many club records smashed, I naturally needed to keep my word.

“The new version expands on the original, corrects a few errors and provides some new photographs to encompass 5,210 first team competitive games played out by 1,218 wearers of the sacred jersey.”

That list really is an A to Z of Luton Town players, from Nathan Abbey to Landry Zahana-Oni.

You also get a complete record (date, competition, team, score, scorers and attendance) from the first game against Great Marlow in the FA Cup on October 31, 1885 to the final match of the 2013-14 season at Hyde in the Conference Premier on April 26, 2014.

And if you’re still puzzling over those questions I asked at the start of this review, here’s another. Luton Town have had 32 different managers, but how many can you name?

> Luton Town Football Club: The Full Record, priced £25, is available for purchase from the two club shops.

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