Creasey returns to the cage to claim British title

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Elite Training Centre in Leighton Buzzard are celebrating the crowning of a new British Champion in the form of Tom Creasey.

After a year out of the cage, Creasey was pitted against Battle Arena champion Josh Neale for the British Amateur Title. As often happens after a hard training camp Tom was battling illness by the time Saturday rolled around.

He was not to be deterred from his goal of securing a third title in the bantamweight category.

Creasey came out looking to establish his striking and attempted a jab-low kick combination to set the tone. Neale pressed Creasey against the cage tripping the Leighton Lion to the ground momentarily before Tom stood back up and secured his own takedown against the cage.

Pressing his opponent against the unforgiving barrier, Creasey rained down heavy right and left hands to the body and head of the champion.

A temporary lapse in awareness of the submission game had Neale move to a knee bar that looked very deep. However, Creasey maintained his calm and was able to escape to top position and slam a few more blows into the cranium of the semi-conscious champion before the bell.

“I could see his eyes roll back and I thought the finish was there, but the bell sounded and I knew the second round would be the difference,” Creasey said later.

The second round was just that, different. No time for striking games, Tom flew across the cage and slammed Neale into the ground with a hard double leg.

The next 30 seconds saw a barrage of rapid right hands land to the head of Neale and the referee had seen enough steeping in to call the Technical Knockout and crown a new British Champion at 0:32 of the second round.

But he wasn’t the only Elite fighter to come out of the night with a victory alongside his name.

Jonathan Patrick made the judges see through some amateur dramatics from opponent Patrick Waterson with some power takedowns, winning unanimously.

But there were also two disappointing defeats - Richie Katona gave a little too much away to experienced Phil Patrick in only his second fight, while Marty Wolf was knocked out in the first round against Lloyd Anderson.