Swimmers making a splash

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The end of the year has proven to be successful for many young swimmers at Linslade Crusaders, who were awarded for their efforts at their training sessions last weeks. There were multiple awards given out, including certificates for distance swims, and for effort.

The awards for distance swims were given to Sophie Hill, Harry Hopper, Ethan Hart and Rupert MacFarlan, for 5 metres. Isla Eldridge and Sophie Hill obtained the 10 metre award, while Ella Simpson, Sam Hart, Dylan Cohen, Phoebe Ryan and Ewan Long achieved the 25 metre award.

Imogen MacFarlan, Hattie Jones, Ben Dunn and Phoebe Ryan were awarded the certificate for 50 metres.

Many swimmers earned certificates for their hard work in training in their respective squads. Under the support and guidance of their teachers, swimmers train throughout the year to improve their technique, and make progress.

The following swimmers have been recognised for their efforts this year: In Penguin 1: Sophie Hill, Harry Hopper, and Rupert MacFarlan. In Penguin 2: Annabel Lawlor, Phoebe Campling, Rhoda West, Jack Allonby, Isla Eldridge, and Emily Wood. In Penguin 3: Lori Holford, Ellie Allonby, and Archie Wright. In Otter 1: Phoebe Ryan. In Otter 2: Owen Lawlor, Aaron Smith, Ella Simpson, and Sam Hart.

The Starfish award for effort went to: Christopher Drew, Teddy Jones, Riondre Bygrave-James, Katie Burden, Marianne Drew, Effie Holford, Joshua Abbott, Ethan Boyce, Lewis Ansell, Ewan Gothard, Holly Guerin, Isla Cohen, Benjamin Koolman, Sophia Tabone, Ethan Hart, Luca Tabone, Henry Stanton, Hannah Dunn, Chloe Hill, and Jasmine Shelley.

Moving up to the Dolphin sessions in January: Aaron Smith, Owen Lawlor, Ella Simpson, and Sam Hart.