Cedars duo impress in the regional open championship

Two swimmers from Cedars Upper School braved the open waters to compete in the ASA Regional open water championships .

Charlotte Baxter and Amy Pepper have been training since March for the open water event, and faced competition from swimmers across the East region.

The swimmers competed in the three km event, which is a physically demanding distance, requiring swimmers to swim at a fast pace for a long time, and in cold water.

Fortunately, the weather on Sunday was kind to the swimmers, and the sun made an appearance in time for their race.

Charlotte and Amy managed to finished in incredibly good time, easily beating the 1 hour barrier, with times of 50 and 53 minutes respectively.

Not only did they obtain brilliant times, the swimmers also finished first and second in Bedfordshire, and 10th and 11th in the East region - an incredible achievement, and a huge improvement on last year’s event.

The swimmers will now continue to train at Box End lake for the remainder of the year, until the water once again freezes over,