Cyclo-cross season comes to an end with Leighton riders finishing strong

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Seven members of the Leighton Buzzard Road Cycling Club turned out for the final cyclo-cross race of the season held on the new Standalone Farm course last weekend.

LBRCC were racing in three categories; Chris Wren and Ross Gallagher in seniors. Julian Thrasher and Darren Winfield in Vet/40 and Miles Walker, Kevin Tilbrook and Carl Keen in Vet/50.

First off were the Vet/40 with Vet/50 riders following a few minutes later. Earlier practice laps had shown what a strength sapping mudfest the course was, so a good start was paramount. Thrasher and Winfield had good starts, with Thrasher cutting through the field early on and holding onto a top field position.

Winfield, a first year racer, put in a good race holding off many an experienced racer.

The Vet/50s then set off in the same race a few minutes later.

Although there were over sixty racers now on the circuit, there were club honours at stake on the final race.

This became clearly evident when Walker, Tilbrook and Keen were all wheel-to-wheel midway. Tilbrook had a flying start, followed by Walker with keen third man down.

The lead changed when Tilbrook began to suffer mud related technicals allowing Walker to take the lead. Further technicals saw keen pass Tilbrook leaving Walker in his sights.

Walker then became another victim of the mud, unable to use his speed on the bike Walker became locked in battle with Keen, both shouldering their bikes and running when the ground became too hard to ride.

The final lap saw keen just edge a lead into the finish.

The main course was up next, the seniors. Wren who was suffering with illness still managed to power into a to ten lead, with Gallacher following and looking at his fastest.

But into the hour Wren’s performance was clearly being affected by his illness and slipped a few places.

Gallacher had settled into a race of attrition, playing the clever race trying to mop up riders falling by the wayside.

Both finished in highly respectable places:

Vet 40 (85 riders):

Julian Thrasher 13th

Andrew Martin 14th

Vet 50 (34 riders):

Miles Walker 11th

Carl Keen 15th

Kevin Tilbrook 20th

Seniors (63 Riders):

Chris Wren 15th

Ross Gallagher 28th