Samuari Sam sets sights on the title after win over Bejenar

Sam Creasey
Sam Creasey

Sam Creasey bounced back to winning ways after beating IMMAF Lurie World Champion Lurie Bejenar at the O2 Arena earlier this month.

Leighton lad Creasey suffered his first professional loss back in November, but needed less than four minutes to defeat Bejenar.

The French fighter had all but cleaned house in the flyweight division throughout Europe. Bejenar boasting a world amateur title, slick movement and a freight-train like style was going to leave no room for error if Creasey were to win.

The fight itself got off to a slow start for both fighters; Bejenar beating Creasey to the punch with flicking jabs, while on the outside Leighton’s champion smashed leg kicks into his opponent’s thigh with bone rattling results.

Then a mistimed right hand by Creasey had Bejenar ducking under to try his hand at a takedown, but it was not to be as Creasey seemed to easily pull up the Frenchman and end any doubt as to who would be the stronger man this evening.

Things began to heat up at about the two minute mark of the first round, Bejenar started landing to the body of Creasey and there were calls from the Leighton native’s corner of ‘takedown will win the round.’

With a quick-slip and cat like pounce, Creasey was on his foe’s legs then secured himself on the Bejenar’s back.

With a violence seldom seen in the flyweight division, Samurai Creasey smashed hammer fists, knuckles and the occasional flesh splitting elbow into the head of Bejenar.

To the encouraging screams of an excited London crowd Creasey sunk his forearm under the chin of Bejenar, who opted to try and punch his way out, but Creasey would not be denied.

At 3:40 of the first round Bejenar was forced to tap and Creasey stood victorious, increasing his record to 7-1, and one step closer to a shot at the title.

“I’m so thankful to all my training partners, coaches and sponsors that saw me through my loss and lifted me towards this victory,” Creasey said afterwards.