Running man Glyn targets a 100 club shirt

HE only started marathon running to try and lose some weight four and a half years ago, but Glyn Raymen is already targeting the holy grail of the sport.

It’s now 88 and counting for the Leighton Fun Runner who made it 12 to go with an extraordinary 100 mile ultra-marathon, completed in a time of 32 hours and 30 minutes. And now Raymen says he won’t be happy until he gets to wear the 100 marathon club vest – and he has no doubts that he’ll do it soon.

“It isn’t a challenge as such. After seeing a guy in a 100 marathon club vest at my first marathon, I thought that such a feat was impossible and beyond me,” said Reymen, who also declared that he’d like to take part in the world famous Ironman challenge.

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“I’m now up to run 61 marathons and 27 ultra-marathons, leaving me with 12 more to run until I don my very own 100 club vest.”

Raymen’s incredible journey from complete beginner to ultra-marathon veteran in such a short space of time comes from his desire to continuously better himself.

“I enjoy the rawness of the sport,” he said. “Running is exhilarating in the outside world and your worries seem to stop when you run. It’s very therapeutic – I love it!

“I don’t follow any training plans as such. I just try to run two to three times during the week consisting of between six to 10 miles per session.

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“Then at the weekends I run twice – 10 to 15 miles on Saturday and five to seven on Sunday. Twice a month I will take part in either a marathon or an ultra-marathon.”

Despite his fantastic achievements in running, Raymen prides himself on being just like an other bloke. He insists he has no special diet to keep him going, and believes anyone can run 100 miles – if they really put their mind to it.

“I follow the J diet – J being a junk food diet,” said the 38-year-old. “Most of that gets burnt up either at work, the gym, or whilst running.

“Don’t believe you can’t do it, you can. I know because I’ve gone from running one minute on a treadmill to 101 miles!

“Run smart – join a club and enter events. Run off-road trails, listen to advice, listen to your body, and most of all enjoy it.”

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