Enigma14 Events launch

Enigma14 event - Mattie and Harry. Photo by Emma Tuohy
Enigma14 event - Mattie and Harry. Photo by Emma Tuohy

Emma Tuohy, of Heath and Reach, set up an events management organisation in October and held a successful opening night at Mr Ridgways, Lake Street, in December.

She said: “I wanted to create a hub for artists in the area, where all music can come together and have a great night.

“We will host open mic nights and we will have musicians and bands perform, we are also open to organising other events.

“We have a really good relationship with the owner of Mr Ridgways, it is a great venue for us.

“The first night went really well, everyone enjoyed it and it was a lot of fun.”

The organisation was awarded a £300 grant from O2 Think Big, allowing Emma to start advertising and get the equipment for the events.

A spokesperson for O2 Think Big said: “Young people are full of great ideas, energy and enthusiasm.

“So we are challenging them to think big.

“And we are giving them the training and support they need to make their ideas happen.”

Event planning is an area that Emma has always been passionate about, she always knew it was something she wanted to do.

The 20-year-old said: “We got the money from O2 Think Big because we can provide something for artists, we are giving them a platform, allowing them to be creative, and we are taking a video and a photo that they can use for promotional material.

“I have teamed up with Lee Malone, a videographer, of You Got This Bro.

“We feel that as a team we have a lot to offer the community, especially as the music scene is so prominent online.

“The grant from O2 has allowed me to do this and has helped my dream become a reality.”

Three more nights have been booked at Mr Ridgways.

For more information and for the latest event dates, visit: www.fb.com/enigma14events and www.enigma14.co.uk