Irregular goings on as Robb previews album


In those immortal words of Monty Python – and now for something completely different as Robb Johnson and the Irregulars certainly are different for The Wheatsheaf!

The North Street, Leighton pub’s gig on Saturday (March 7) is essentially a preview of Robb’s new album Here Goes Nothing which is released on May 4.

The songs and music, produced by one of the UK’s most prolific songwriters, follow the folk tradition with a leaning toward the politics of Billy Bragg.

He has played as diverse venues as picket lines to the Albert Hall and from the UK and Europe to Nicaragua.

The new album is Johnson’s 31st and includes eight lengthy tracks, many if not all of which should get an airing on the evening. The album was his first to be funded via Kickstarter and such is his popularity, the production costs were well oversubscribed.

One of Johnson’s career highlights must surely be having his suite of songs ‘Gentle Men’, a family history of the Great War played at the WW1 ‘Passendael Peace Concert’ in Belgium.

The Irregulars, as possibly their name suggests, do vary, however on the album they were: John Forrester on bass, Arv Johnson on drums, Linze Maesterosa on sax and Roger Stevens on the keyboards.

On the Friday night – it could be you! It’s Open Mic and if you are looking for your five minutes of fame please contact Letty on and book your slot on stage.

Music at The Wheatie starts around 9.30pm on both evenings and admission is free.