Leighton Buzzard pub hosts top tunes from different eras

Del Bromham
Del Bromham

The spirit of Woodstock and a British rock legend can be seen at The Wheatsheaf over the weekend.

Earth Experiment perform on Friday with a mix of music directly inspired by the sixties and seventies.

The self described hippy band consist of Dave Allen on guitar, Simon Yeates on bass, Tom Donagala on saxophone and flute, James Munro on percussion, Ed Page on drums and Sean O’Mahony on vocals and hammond organ, electric pianos and acoustic guitar. The

Rock star Del Bromham with his band Stray. One of their hits, All In Your Mind, wascovered Iron Maiden.

Del has been gigging with Stray on and off from back in 1966. In 1971 they played their first Reading Festival and then went on to tour both in the UK when they supported The Groundhogs and overseas.

The band have supported many well known acts including famous acts Status Quo, Kiss, Canadian band Rush and Black Sabbath.

The gig on Saturday is likely to be a more intimate affair to previous performances.

Entry is free to the gigs on both nights and music starts around 9:30pm.