Positive reaction to debut album

Hannah Dean and Chantelle Pike. Photo by SONY DSC
Hannah Dean and Chantelle Pike. Photo by SONY DSC

Former Leighton Buzzard resident, Chantelle Pike, and her band mate Hannah Dean, launched their debut album Residential Bliss, on Saturday, January 24.

The album release tops off what has been a highly successful year for the band, Eyes For Gertrude.

They debuted at Glastonbury and have had critics admiring their music.

Chantelle started playing the guitar when she was 14 and the sounds can be heard on the album, as well as Hannah on the piano.

The guitarist said: “The album is about the hopelessness and hilarity of the times we are living in, it is inspired by society.

“The reaction so far has been really positive, we have had some excellent reviews and some lovely emails from people who have been listening. We are happy to have finally launched it, we worked really hard on it.”

The album contains six new songs, all ten were recorded with producer Ben Mink.