REVIEW: Nothing Fawlty about this great Basil reboot

Fawlty Towers
Fawlty Towers

Leighton Buzzard Drama Group: Fawlty Towers...

As a massive fan of Fawlty Towers, Leighton Buzzard Drama Group’s latest show was one I could simply not afford to miss.

I’ve got the DVDs, the book containing all the scripts and even been to the Faulty (sic) Towers dining experience in London a couple of months ago. So the stage was set at Leighton Buzzard Library Theatre for a Saturday evening of hilarity.

Could the drama group deliver? Well, let’s just say after A Touch Of Class, Communication Problems and Basil The Rat, they did the original show proud and I left a very satisfied customer (they should have me stuffed!).

You could tell all the actors knew their character’s idiosyncrasies to perfection.

Andrew Meadows stole the show as he demonstrated the incompetence, short fuse, and arrogance of hotel manager Basil. Watching him racing around the set in a strop was great fun, as was seeing him getting more and more irritated by Russell Bennett’s superb Manuel.

Lorna Daggett (Sybil) and Emma Stone (Polly) also nailed their roles, and I also enjoyed Andrew Ferguson’s Terry the cockney chef and Bob Kempster’s Lord Melbury.

Special mentions should go to Randell Moll as the bumbling Major Gowen. His shotgun scene in Basil The Rat made most of the audience jump out of their seats as he goes hunting for vermin, Germans, or was it starlings? And we were in fits of laughter when the cracker box was opened at the end of Basil The Rat, despite knowing exactly what was going to happen.

But many of my favourite scenes from the evening starred Barbara Springthorne who played the deaf old bat Mrs Richards and wound Basil and the staff up a treat.

After such a great night, all I want to know now is when is the drama group going to get its hands on another three episodes?

> There’s still time to catch the show this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. For more details see