Swinging sixties return to Leighton Buzzard

Infanite Wisdom
Infanite Wisdom

Two very different bands will aim to have the audience jumping at the Wheatsheaf in Leighton Buzzard.

Earth Experiment performed on the Friday and take a trip back to the groovy 60s and sexy 70s when Woodstock ruled the music scene.

Self-penned heavy blues or soul like tunes styled alike to those from Santana, Crosby Still Nash & Young with a touch of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin added, but then some almost jazz or funky blues styled as well.

Producing the sounds are Dave Allen on guitar, Simon Yeates on bass, Tom Donagala on saxophone and flute, James Munro on percussion, Ed Page on drums and Sean O’Mahony on vocals and hammond organ, electric pianos and acoustic guitar.

If you like the music of Pink Floyd, Queen and Genesis then the rocky sound of Infinite Wisdom will play at the venue on Saturday.

This prog-rock band, based in Milton Keynes, mostly perform their own material, but also their interpretation of some classic covers that originated with Black Sabbath, REM and Pink Floyd.

Music starts at 9.30pm on both nights and entry is free.