Come along to the Bedfordshire Young Farmers Country Show and Rally in Stewkley

Fun from last year's Bedfordshire Young Farmers County Show and Rally.
Fun from last year's Bedfordshire Young Farmers County Show and Rally.

Have you ever thought what fun it would be to have a go at tug of war?

It’s something I had never imagined doing, but I can say that it’s a fun team activity and one of many that young people can try if they join young farmers clubs.

Tug of war is also one of the many main ring attractions at the annual Bedfordshire Young Farmers County Show and Rally at Walducks Farm, Stewkley, LU7 0DL on Saturday, May 18.

And it’s also just the tip of the iceberg of opportunities for fun and learning new skills for anyone involved with the YFC.

These youth clubs are open to everyone aged between 10 and 26. Just search on Facebook for Bedfordshire YFC.

Do look because all the clubs have made the most wonderful fun, informative videos for you to enjoy and as an entry for their rally day.

There is also an early bird discount price for tickets to the show, of £5 online.

Public admission is from 10am to see the gymkhana and live skill classes, including cookery, and we all love to watch good bakers in action!

You can also see all the farm animals, which will be judged. The winners will be paraded by the young farmers in the main ring later in the day. I find it amazing that even the pigs take part in this. It is quite a spectacle.

During the course of the afternoon there are many grand ring events, including the popular children’s sweet scramble, the hounds from the Oakley Hunt and decorated floats.

Finally, the floats have a flour and water battle.

If you don’t want to spend all your time sitting by the grand ring, you can visit the craft stalls and commercial stands showing the latest agricultural machinery.

There are food stalls and ice cream sellers, and in the barns you will find the domestic class entries, which the young farmers will have spent time making over the previous months and days.

You will see beautiful flower arrangements, baked cakes and foods, and creative and artistic items.

Come along - you won’t be disappointed!