Film makers debut hits the big screens

Film makers Mark and Darren
Film makers Mark and Darren

A pair of film makers were proud to see their debut film, In The Blood, premiere at The Grove Theatre last week.

Darren Pratt, 39, of Dunstable and Mark Abraham, 39, of Toddington, have been working on the film for five years.

The crime film, which was filmed in Dunstable, is about a young junkie who is kidnapped by a criminal gang and forced to crack open a safe using skills taught to him by the gang’s former Peterman, his deceased grandfather.

Darren, a former Northfields student, said: “The premiere was great, better than we expected, over 300 people turned up and they all seemed to enjoy it, they were very complimentary.

“Some said it was very British and not like any current crime films they had seen, which is what we were going for, we wanted to be original.”

The 39-year-old has been involved with film making for seven years, it started with him helping a friend and progressed from there.

Before he was involved in the film business Darren ran the burger vans at the Dunstable and Leighton Buzzard markets.

He said: “It has been ridiculously hard to get our debut feature film made but with support from family and friends we have succeeded.

“The budget for the film was raised by our families and friends, and some of them starred in the film.

“We will be working on a second one and hopefully that will be quicker, now that we have one under our belts.”

Control Films and Talent Films (London) are releasing the film in June.

The next screening of the film is at the Leighton Buzzard Theatre on Friday, May, 8, for tickets visit: