Linslade and Soulbury magicians on CBBC’s Crackerjack tonight!

Two talented magicians will be putting Leighton-Linslade on the map when they appear in revived BBC children’s show, Crackerjack... ‘CRACKERJACK!’

Dave Allen, 45, of Linslade, and Carl Charlesworth, 40, of Soulbury, are better known as ‘Carl & Dave; Comedy Magic’ and will be appearing on television screens today (February 14).

Carl and Dave

Carl and Dave

The duo will be starring alongside presenters Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes, and performing a mind-boggling trick requested by the broadcaster.

Dave said: “Crackerjack is a family game show with a live audience and quizzes, a bit like The Generation Game.

“We will be performing Find the Lady, which is similar to the three cups trick (where you hide a pea under one of them) except we will be doing it with a lady in a bucket, Carl in a wig!

“I move his head around underneath the buckets and at one point I chop it off!

“We have a YouTube video of us doing it and they [the BBC] contacted us directly.”

Crackerjack was originally on television from 1955 - 1984, with previous presenters including Leslie Crowther and Michael Aspel.

It has now made a colourful comeback, with the first episode airing on January 17.

Dave said: “Sam and Mark are quite well-known presenters. They were great and loved our act. Everyone was brilliant on the day and treated us like superstars. The director came down and said we were fantastic.

“Professionally speaking, it’s been one of the highlights of our career so far.”

Dave and Carl have known each other for around 15 years, and Carl originally covered for Dave’s shows when he couldn’t make bookings.

However, after successfully performing ‘The Box of Doom’ trick together at The Watford Association of Magicians 10 years ago, the pair have been inseparable.

Dave added: “We’ve performed in holiday parks, cruise ships; we’ve travelled all over the place.

“It’s better to work with someone, otherwise it’s quite a lonely business, being a magician. I look after the admin and in return, Carl does all the driving.”

Catch Carl and Dave on Crackerjack today (February 14) at 6pm on CBBC.