Derren Brown: Svengali (review)

Derren Brown
Derren Brown

CAN you keep a secret? Well the audiences which have been held spellbound by the dazzling brilliance of master illusionist Derren Brown certainly can.

He is at The Waterside this week – and that’s about all I can tell you. At every performance of Derren Brown: Svengali the man on stage pleads that no-one tells a sole what they have witnessed. He even suggests that those, like me, sent to cover the show, invent their reviews.

It’s a great marketing trick and one which has kept curious audiences paying to see Agatha Christie’s dusty thriller, Mousetrap, for 60 years – so why not borrow the idea?

And, incredibly, audiences have done just that. It’s been touring for months and no-one has Tweeted or Facebooked or even gossiped to their friends about the content of each performance – which, in this day and age, is truly remarkable.

Don’t think for one minute that anything untoward happens – well not much. Those of a nervous disposition or of a religious persuasion may be left feeling disturbed and uneasy but the thing to remember is that it is all a trick - and when it comes to trickery Mr Brown is unparalleled.

So, in what is probably the shortest review I’m ever likely to write, and with a certain reluctance to “make it up” I will simply implore everyone to see the show before it ends on Saturday night.

It is one of the most astounding you will ever see and I defy anyone (with the exception of the performer himself) to come up with an explanation about what you’ll witness. It is beyond belief and will leave you aghast with astonishment.

Arguably the most fascinating show that I’ve ever seen.

For tickets call the box office 0844 871 7607 or go online to,/aylesbury