Console Corner: The Last Guardian review

The Last Guardian is a stunning, heat rending  tale
The Last Guardian is a stunning, heat rending tale

Oh so close to true perfection.

The Last Guardian has to win the award for the most frustrating game of 2016 because it is so good but could have been perfect.

This beautiful tale of companionship has you high one minute with its brilliance and low the next with some elements which frankly have prevented this from being the game of the year.

Let’s start with the positives, because there are plenty of them.

Last Guardian is a truly fascinating game that takes you on a journey through an unlikely friendship between a nameless boy and a giant creature named Trico.

It may sound a bit cliche but the game really does take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

There’s a large dose of melancholy as you build a mutual trust and learn lessons about communication, compassion and hope.

Like no other game I have played, patience is a virtue in Last Guardian and those who have it will be rewarded 
the most.

The animation is stunning and the puzzles throughout keep you focused.

The tension in the game is palpable and it will have your palms sweating at times as you negotiate your way around some astonishingly good level design.

It is a game that really pulls at the heartstrings and in my opinion is like a work of art in so many ways.

It is close to perfection but is let down by some frustrating elements and it shouldn’t have been.

Basic button prompt problems are an annoyance throughout and there is also occasional slowdown which really jars when you are fully immersed in the experience.

Then there is my biggest bug bear, the clumsy camera which at times, particularly indoors, is completely blocked by Trico, walls or plants and trees.

When you are having to adjust your point of view continuously it takes away from the experience. But it says a lot that despite those problems LG still gets a rating of 9/10.