Greensand artists exhibit work in Woburn

AN exhibition for The Greensand Trust ‘Vision for the Greensand Ridge’ featuring the work of wildlife photographer Richard Welham and life size bronzes by the sculptress JOEL is showing at Bedford Street Gallery, Woburn from today until Sunday.

Both artists are valued supporters of the green group. Richard, exhibiting for the second time, is Bedfordshire born and bred and his work may already be known by many people. He says: “My work presents nature as it really is, up close and personal, in its own habitat. I am a perfectionist and spend hours waiting for the right shot, nature has its own timetable and I am at its bidding. I look forward to talking about my photography during the exhibition.”

His fellow exhibitor, JOEL, has walked the Greensand Ridge. She was commissioned by the Peter Smith Charitable Trust for Nature to produce special bronzes with a conservation message specifically to raise funds for the Trust.

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The bronzes include a delightful Little Owl perched on a fence post which has some hidden surprises to discover and those wanting an unusual collectible will enjoy the look and feel of the life size dormice.

During the Exhibition JOEL will be working on the clay of a Sand Martin and Snipe, and visitors can see how a bronze is cast. She said: “I was delighted to be asked to make sculptures of wildlife of the Greensand Ridge. It is good to celebrate the character and variety of birds and animals who share our world and to show my support for the wonderful Greensand Trust.”

Peter Smith, co-founder and chairman of the trustees of the Greensand Trust, is hosting this second exhibition. He said: “I am most grateful to both artists for their support and I hope this event will be as successful as the one held two years ago.

“The Greensand Trust was formed to protect, enhance and conserve the unique habitat of the Greensand Ridge which runs predominately through Bedfordshire. It is home to common and rare species and these exhibits capture the beauty. I thank also John Cowlishaw and Johann Bester of Bedford Street Gallery for being our hosts and for adopting the Greensand Trust as their chosen local charity.”

Admission is free. Opening times are: Friday and Saturday from 10am to 6pm and Sunday from 11am to 5pm.

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