Stables return for Barron Knights

After another busy year touring Leighton Buzzard’s Barron Knights will be home for Christmas and performing at The Stables on December 3.

“Although I made an effort to cut back on the number of concerts we still had a busy 12 months,” says leader and founder member Pete Langford. “We had 15 concerts in Australia, three in New Zealand and 44 here in the UK.

“To play at The Stables is always such a great atmosphere because we see so many friends and it’s like doing a shown in your front room, plus we can be home in 10 minutes after the show which is a rare thing in our business.

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“The concert this year is called ‘Soundtrack of our Lives’ and includes lots of songs from the early 60s and some from the late 50s.

“Its great to see the audience joining in as they know all the words. When we meet the folks after the show they all seem to say the songs brought back so many memories. When we do a three-part harmony version of “To Know Know Know Her’” we see couples holding hands so we know there are certain songs that mean so much to folks.

“We still sing a medley of our hits and I play a couple of classical pieces e,g, William Tell Overture and Malaguana. We also have a song about what happens to your body when you get old and I get so many emails requesting the lyrics.”

The show starts at 8pm.

Did you know: Rolling Stone bass player Bill Wyman watched the Barron Knights at Aylesbury Town Hall in 1961 and they inspired him to go home and buy a guitar.

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The Barron Knights are the only group to have toured with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

One of Elton John’s memorable moments is when the Barron Knights introduced him to the Beatles at Abbey Road Studios in 1967 when he was know as Reg Dwight. He was our session pianist.