The bare essentials are rear-ly great

AIM Gallery pulls back the curtains on another fresh show for us from today, and this one is cheekier than most – it focuses on the human body form, writes Sammy Jones.

Life Drawing is a collection of pieces from artists Eddie Bates, Janet Carter, Trixie Dinn, Jo Stone and Louise Wooldridge.

The five artists work closely together because of their shared interest, but resolutely hold on to their individual expression.

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And their subjects more often than not pose naked in a studio environment for our group of clever creators, who then turn those visions into stunning pictures, like those on the right, or else use them in sculpture making.

There really is little more amazing than the human body, and these artistic endeavours show that perfectly.

It is not supposed to be an offensive show, and the work displayed at the gallery has been selected with that in mind, but it is AIMs first venture into life drawing.

Those behind the show have already hosted three successful exhibitions in Stoke Hammond and now it’s our turn to be delighted by the deliveries.

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If you still haven’t paid a visit to the beautiful little art house (located opposite Waitrose and next to Costa Coffee on the periphery of thecentre:mk) it really is time to ditch the apathetic attitude, get off your backsides (no pun intended) and go take a peek.

Admission is free.

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