Raise a glass - Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell

There have been a lot of infamous reprobates in national print journalism and none more so than Jeffrey Bernard who, during moments of semi-sobriety, wrote for papers and magazines, but was to be found mostly in the watering holes of Soho regaling chums with stories and drinking like there was no tomorrow.

Keith Waterhouse’s tribute to his mate, Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell, is a riot. Originally with former drinking pal Peter O’Toole in the lead, it’s now being staged at The Court Theatre by the Frayed Knot Theatre Company from October 17-20.

Set in the Coach and Horses pub, in Soho, we find our intrepid hero locked in his local boozer with no reasonable way of escape. After trying (not too hard) to break free he decides to get himself a bottle of vodka, open a pack of cigarettes and settle in for the night. What unfolds for the next ninety minutes is the story of a man in love. It may be a love of drinking, gambling, swearing, smoking and occasionally fighting, yes... but it’s love.

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Written by the late great Keith Waterhouse Jeffery Bernard is Unwell is an often hilarious tale of a damaged hero and the spectacularly strange and fascinating world he inhabited. Mike Code is directing and Simon Hill is playing Jeffrey Bernard. Support comes from Court Theatre favourites Andy Faber, Jenny Giles, Roger Emery and newcomer Sue Templar.

For tickets call the box office 07543 560 478 or www.courttheatre.co.uk

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