The Ladyboys of Bangkok (review)

THE Grove put on the glitz for The Ladyboys of Bangkok who returned with their sensational and unique cabaret revue.

For anyone not familiar with these “ladies” they’re 16 of the most gorgeous creatures, each looking like stunning models, but delve beneath the skimpy costumes (no,don’t) and you’d find that they are all men.

It’s impossible to believe – particularly when they dance in skimpy Daisy Dukes, bikini tops and, later, in revealing Las Vegas style costumes that feature a thong front.

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The voyeuristic among the audience have all the usual questions but the trick is just sit back and enjoy the show.

The ladies come on to dance and lip-sync to a great play-list of songs that generate a party atmosphere.

And for this tour, called Fur Coats and French Knickers (though neither in evidence) the audience were treated to a celebrity guest that many would have been staring at wondering where they’d seen him before.

Raymond Griffiths, with the Matt Damon smile, is a short actor who has done it all. He’s appeared in Star Wars, Harry Potter, Willow, and a raft of TV shows.

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He gamely joined in the fun and at one point indulged in a Benny Hill sketch involving some raunchy goings-on with members of the audience.

Some of the performers need a few extra dancing lessons but generally they acquitted themselves well.

The big problem is that none appear to speak or understand a word of English so had no idea what they were dancing to. They’d been drilled but a couple looked as though their minds were elsewhere.

The show opens with a big Asian version of Bollywood and continues through a range of dancey pop songs. There’s comedy from a trio of not-so lovelies whose antics had the audience in tears and there were guest appearances from Jordan and Peter Andre, Shirley Bassey and a Thai version of Robbie Williams and Take That. Gary and the boys would have been cracked up but it added to the party fun.

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It was a great night that entertained everyone in the wildly diverse audience – from grandads and their wives to girlie parties and family groups. Look out for the Ladyboys and let’s hope for a return gig.


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