Thrilling piece of comedy staged by Stewkley Players

Dick Barton: Episode III: The Tango of TerrorDick Barton: Episode III: The Tango of Terror
Dick Barton: Episode III: The Tango of Terror
Comedy, music, dancing and espionage combine in the most unlikely of ways in the upcoming show by Stewkley Players starting next week.

Dick Barton: Episode III: The Tango of Terror is staged from Wednesday to Saturday March 21 to 24 and follows the British agent who was the star of many BBC Radio serials broadcast between 1946 and 1951.

Barton, accompanied by his trusty sidekicks Jock and Snowy battles the forces of Evil Foreigners In London (EFIL) on behalf of King, country and MI13.

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In this instalment members of EFIL are using all kinds of wicked means to paralyse the British Secret Service and take over the world.

Key to their plot is Juan El Bigglesworth, a famous organist who is widely known as the Latin Love Thug.

He dances to seduce his victims and uses music to create mayhem for the show’s heroes.

A romantic sub-plot runs through the show involving the glamorous daughter of the Minister for Rationing, Sir Stanley Fritters.

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Two episodes ago she broke Jock’s heart – will there be a happier ending this time around?

The show also reminds us that the power of cricket should never be underestimated when it comes to uniting enemies against one another.

The performances for this unique show take place at Stewkley Village Hall every night for the four day run with all the performances starting at 8pm.

Tickets are on sale now and cost £6 per person. They can be booked by calling the box office on 07845 489 167.

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