Ventriloquist Steve Hewlett brings a new show to stage

Steve HewlettSteve Hewlett
Steve Hewlett
Britain’s Got Talent ventriloquist Steve Hewlett is making a return to The Grove Theatre in Dunstable on Friday.

He performs at 7.30pm having appeared in pantomime at the same venue last year.

Steve said: “I was watching a TV talent show when I was 12 and it was a ventriloquist performing on that and he lived down the road from me.

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“I asked him to teach me how to be a ventriloquist so learned for ten years and he taught me everything I knew.

Steve had been working for 18 years before appearing on the show, although it wasn’t it first brush with the show.

He added: “I had been asked to audition or the show before but it was always a choice of risk going on television and it all going wrong or having a tour in the Caribbean. I’d always choose the latter.

“Things changed with the birth of my child and found myself with some time off

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“I was asked again by the producers and my standing in the industry was okay!”

Steve’s career went interstellar when he appeared on the ITV talent show. It is clear that while the time was stressful, it was also one he enjoyed.

He added: “It was good because rather than having to do auditions in front of the producers I went and auditioned in front of the judges.”

“It was a nerve wracking experience but I got a standing ovation from the audience which is a great moment.

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I thought I would have to have so much material ready so I wrote some pieces for both the semi final and the final. I then showed it to the producers and they didn’t like it so then had to start again. They wanted to see more of Arthur Larger.

“However on the semi final of the show I had the puppet of Simon Cowell and I didn’t tell the producers until the day. So it was a complete surprise to him.

“It took a lot of nerve to do it considering I was taking the mickey out of the boss. But the reaction on his face was priceless and every so often I will play it to myself. He’s a good guy and has helped me a lot.

“After the semi final I was asked if I could do another of the judges in time for the final. I said to them it would be funnier if we did Sinitta and so I asked Peter Pullen, who makes all of my puppets, and he did it very quickly.

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“I then thought they should sing a song and came up with the Grease song “We Go Together”. I was rehearsing it frantically with the wife so that we could get it right because I didn’t know the song that well.”

He is looking forward to returning to Dunstable.

Steve added: “I had a great time doing the pantomime at Dunstable.

“It is a fantastic venue and all of the staff, the front of house staff, etc, are all lovely and so involved. It will be nice to see them again.

“There is a lot of variety in the show. It won’t be just ventriloquism, there will be some singing and dancing and variety numbers.

Tickets for the show cost £15. Call 01582 602080 or visit