From Masterchef to moggies for Leighton Buzzard mum

Lara Bradford has set up her cat care businessLara Bradford has set up her cat care business
Lara Bradford has set up her cat care business
Leighton Buzzard mum swaps ‘MasterChef for Miaows’ with the launch of premium cat care business, 'The Cat Butler'

A Leighton Buzzard mum is moving away from a career in television to launch her new cat care business.

Lara Bradford has had a 20-year career in the television industry, but is now offering her cat care service – the Cat Butler - to felines and their human paw-rents across Leighton Buzzard and Milton Keynes.

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“I worked in television as a freelance editor for almost 20 years on shows including Changing Rooms, Big Brother, and MasterChef, which I absolutely loved – it’s a very creative, collaborative process, and the thrill of seeing your name on the TV during the credits never gets old,” explained Lara. “However, the unpredictable hours and long daily commute was putting a huge strain on family life, so I decided that I needed to step away and find something more suitable.”

The mum of two said: “My love of cats seems to be part of my DNA, and I appear to have passed this on to my teenage children too! My parents already had a cat when I was born, so they’ve been a huge part of my life. We had kittens, rescue cats - even a stray, who just turned up one day and decided he wanted to live with us! I wanted my children to have the same experience of having a pet too, so we adopted our wonderful tabby cat, Lola, in 2015. I’m hoping that one day, my children will also become fully trained Cat Butlers!”

Lara is looking forward to sharing her love of cats to customers in the local area: “I’m very excited to have the opportunity of running my own business and building a reputation for great service across my community. The Cat Butler offers a first-class standard of care that I would want for my own cat, plus reassurance for owners that their pet, and their home, are in safe hands when they are away, and that they will return to a happy and relaxed cat.”

Visit, call 01525 601016 or email: [email protected] to find out more about the service.