Jobs: Dealing with redundancy

In the first of a new advice column, Nicky Mccall, managing director of HRL Recruitment Limited, in Bedford, explores what to do if the dreaded P45 looms.

Redundancy is a huge pill to swallow, many people are so wrapped up in their job that they see it as their identity and think they are there for life!

You will initially be racked with self doubt, anger, anxiety and shock. You must give yourself a little time to get through all these emotions, remember there is no stigma attached to being made redundant.

Ways to work through this difficult time are:

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> Make a list of all your strengths and reasons why you would be an attractive employee

> Talk to someone - it helps to get it all out in the open, don’t be afraid to approach your GP, counsellor or professional advisor.

> Remember it was the job that was made redundant, not you, so don’t take it personally.

> Turn a negative in to a positive, see this as an opportunity for a change for the better.

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Once you have come to terms with the situation, it is time to think about the following:

> Do you really want to stay on the same career path? is it time to take stock and consider something different? If this means retraining, you need to work out if you can financially support yourself during this period.

> If you want to stay in the same sector, you must be realistic about your salary expectation. Consider what you need to earn and not what you would like to earn, salaries have dropped over the past couple of years, and you must not price yourself out of the job market.

Before you go off applying for jobs, make sure you sharpen up your CV; without this you will fail to attract your audience, this is your only marketing document and it must stand out.

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Look at all avenues of recruitment. Join all the online recruitment sites, register with as many recruitment agencies as you can and build up a relationship with them, get out all your old contacts and network – this can produce surprisingly successful results, check local press, trade publications and of course the Job Centre. Don’t wait for the jobs to come to you.

Treat the search for employment as a full time job – it should be. Do not allow yourself to procrastinate, this can only be destructive.

Treat this as just another challenge in your life, turning what you initially thought was a negative into a positive.

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