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Discover a new kind of learning – The Shared Learning Trust outlines what it delivers to pupils and parents across the county.

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Wednesday, 1st December 2021, 11:41 am
Find out about the ethos and values at The Shared Learning Trust.
Find out about the ethos and values at The Shared Learning Trust.

The Shared Learning Trust was formed in March 2015 and currently comprises a lower school, two primary schools and two secondary schools with a Sixth Form situated across Luton and Central Bedfordshire. Different from many other trusts, The Shared Learning Trust does not have a ‘lead academy’. As a stand-alone trust, staff work together, sharing their practice and beliefs to produce young people who achieve more than they ever thought possible.

In addition to their flourishing Sixth Form, The Shared Learning Trust also provides a nursery provision within two of their schools, meaning they are able to offer a high-quality education to pupils aged 2 to 18. This provides pupils with a smooth transition from their primary to their secondary education, ensuring children are able to develop into confident, successful and well-rounded individuals. Being geographically close, staff utilise opportunities to work in partnership across the trust, establishing excellent practice and creating stronger relationships. Trust staff have liaised to produce a strong vision for their curricula.

Diverse and inclusive community

The Shared Learning Trust is incredibly proud of the diverse and inclusive community across their 5 schools, celebrating their different cultures, heritages, backgrounds, and experiences. Examples of this are demonstrated by their cultural celebration days, the encouragement of staff to wear their cultural dress at work and more recently, in the achievement of the Race and Conscious Equality Charter Mark Award, promoting equality and diversity across the trust in every aspect.

A strong vision and set of values are hugely important to those who work and study at The Shared Learning trust. The vision of ‘Strive, Achieve, Believe’ is encapsulated at all levels; from assemblies to lesson plans, from staff recruitment to behavioural standards in and around their schools.

From this set of values, The Shared Learning Trust strives to provide a caring and nurturing environment, encouraging pupils and staff to develop strong ambition whilst feeling happy and supported. They provide exceptional learning opportunities, achieving a high quality of education in turn resulting in high grades and achievement. The Vale Academy, for example, is in the top 20% nationally for their results in KS1 and KS2 progress, whilst 70% of The Chalk Hills Academy sixth form students go on to their chosen University, furthering their studies. The Shared Learning Trust truly believes that every child can reach their full potential from the exciting opportunities offered by their school, both inside and outside the classroom.


Community engagement is important for all schools across The Shared Learning Trust. Working in partnership with many different local businesses and organisations provides staff and pupils the opportunity to develop their learning, offering excellent career and vocational opportunities. Their partnership with Luton Town Football Club offers sixth form students the opportunity to combine their passion for football with a full-time education and development programme as part of the trust’s Elite Football Academy.

The future is incredibly positive at The Shared Learning Trust. Children are at the heart of everything they do; all academies are individual, based on the needs of each community and their focus is driven to ensure that all their academies are world class, offering the highest standard of learning. The trust will be incorporating alternate provision units into their academies, ensuring that no child is forgotten, and every child is offered the same opportunity to flourish and succeed.

The Shared Learning Schools

The Vale Academy, Wilbury Drive, LU5 4QP. Age range: 2-11 years

The Linden Academy, Osborne Road, LU1 3HJ. Age range: 2-11 years

The Rushmere Park Academy, East Street, LU7 1EW. Age range: 2-9 years

The Chalk Hills Academy, Leagrave High Street, LU4 0NE. Age range: 11-18 years

The Stockwood Park Academy, Rotheram Avenue, LU1 5PP. Age range: 11-18 years

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