Leighton Buzzard vaccination centre will close after final jabs administered on June 11.

Operations manager says last six months have been one of the most rewarding times of his life

Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 4:32 pm

Leighton Buzzard Primary Care Network has confirmed that its Covid-19 vaccination centre at the town's rugby club will administer its final jab on Friday, June 11.

The site is a jointly run service by all three general practices (Bassett Road Surgery, Leighton Road Surgery and Salisbury House Surgery) and launched on January 14 this year.

Since then it has been making excellent progress in protecting residents as it worked its way down the priority groups.

The vaccination centre

But the PCN was only ever asked to complete priority groups 1 to 9 and it was always planned for the mass vaccination sites to protect the younger cohorts. In addition, the mass sites now have Pfizer and Astra Zeneca supplies.

To date the rugby club has seen 28,577 vaccinations given, comprising of 14,563 first doses and 14,034 second doses. Within that figure are 11,635 Pfizer and 16,962 AstraZeneca vaccinations. In all, 160 volunteers have helped the operation run smoothly at the five vaccination stations.

Stephen King, PCN operations manager, said: "During the past six months the aim of the campaign has been to vaccinate as many patients as possible in Cohorts 1 to 9 in a safe, effective and efficient environment.

"This has been achieved by the professional, hardworking and empathetic approach of all who have worked in the centre. I have seen staff and volunteers who had never met each other six months ago become firm work colleagues and friends.

Dr Charlotte Weston drawing up the very last dose of Pfizer to be administered at the LB Vaccination Centre on May 15

"We have experienced emotions from patients and their families of sheer happiness and gratitude. For those of us that have had the privilege of working at the centre, it has been a joy to give so many patients this life-saving vaccine and to help our community.

He added: "During my 29 years of service in the Army, I have experienced many soul destroying events whilst serving overseas. I have also witnessed many heart-warming situations. Managing the vaccination centre has been one of the most rewarding times in my military and civilian life. I will look back on the last six months as one of the most rewarding times in my life."

Once the rugby club operation has closed, the nearest mass vaccination sites are in Wing and Dunstable.

> Did you received your jab(s) at the rugby club? Why not send the LBO a message of thanks to those involved in the operation (include your photo too if you wish)? We will aim to print these in the paper as a permanent record of the community's gratitude. Email [email protected]