Glorious treats at Waddesdon Manor

Waddesdon ManorWaddesdon Manor
Waddesdon Manor
Visiting Waddesdon Manor is always a treat,  whether indoors or out there is much to enjoy at this historic former Rothschild home.

And every season the staff ensure there is something new to see or do. This season new treats include a chance to indulge in scrumptious ice cream and sweets at the aptly named Treaterie.This addition to the Waddesdon refreshment repertoire is situated in the Stables alongside the cafe and close to the woodland playground area. Having already tried it out (see picture insert) I can recommend the quality of the food. The ice cream is from artisan ice cream producers Oliphant and Pomeroy based near Buckingham. The pastries are created by the Waddesdon chefs and frankly I have yet to taste food anywhere that is better than the food served in the Manor Restaurant, and also now in the Treaterie. In addition to ice cream, you can enjoy waffles, crêpes, fudge and cakes. The tart pastry in particular is utterly superb, being fine, crisp and delicious. Although the Treaterie concentrates on sweet treats, there are a couple of savoury options available with the crepes.For those of you more interested in culture than food, the latest exhibition is Glorious Years focusing on calendars from Louis XIV to the Revolution. The exhibition celebrates the power of the printed image before photography and includes 26 rare French calendars never seen before on public display.At a time when the printed image was the most effective communicator calendars were designed to both educate and delight and featured major events from royal weddings and births to victorious battles and peace treaties.Alongside the historic calendars, a contemporary almanac has been created by parliamentary fine artist Adam Dant who was the official artist at the last general election. His specially commissioned calender, The Mother of Parliaments: Annual Division of Revenue (pictured) is a humorous glorification of the current government and their spring budget. Set against a backdrop of the Central Lobby of the Palace of Westminster it features such familiar faces as the prime minister Mrs Theresa May alongside ministers Boris Johnson, Amber Rudd, leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn and Speaker of the House, John Bercow. On press day, this was the calender that attracted most attention, and it is worth having a really good look at it, as it provides plenty of amusement.The Waddesdon Artisan Food Market launches in the visitor car park from 10am - 2pm on Saturday (April 8) with free entry and parking.There are lots of special events taking place at Waddesdon throughout the year. Full details and to check out all opening times and entrance prices, go online to