Has your pet been chipped?

Make sure your pets are safe: get them chipped!Make sure your pets are safe: get them chipped!
Make sure your pets are safe: get them chipped!
It’s a pet owner’s worst nightmare - Loveable Rover slips his lead and runs into the unknown, Sooty goes out in the morning, but doesn’t come through the cat flap for tea, or Thumper slips out of his cage and heads out of the garden into the unknown.

Nasty, but familiar scenarios for thousands of owners every year.

But how to reunite pets with their desperate owners can be a headache even once an animal has been handed in to authorities.

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And if yours isn’t microchipped, there is no guarantee of a happy ending.

To celebrate Microchipping Awareness Month in June, Hula Animal Rescue is offering you the chance to get your pets chipped, for cheap!

The centre is holding an open day this Sunday and cats, dogs and rabbits can be chipped on the day for just £10.

No appointment is necessary, and the painless procedure is over in seconds, but gives a lifetime of reassurance that should they go wandering, it will be that much easier to be reunited with your cherished friend.

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The open day will also feature a bazaar, refreshments, fun and games for kids and you can meet the resident animals in need of a new home.

Hula is located at Glebe Farm, Salford Road, Aspley Guise, and will be open to visitors between 1 and 4pm on the day.

Admission is £2 for adults, accompanied children go free.

Want to know more? Give the centre a call on 01908 584000.

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