Richard puts the focus on Greensand wildlife

A LOCAL wildlife photographer is exhibiting a second collection of his impressive work.

Luton-born Richard Welham’s photography captures snapshots of life on Greensand Ridge, featuring a variety of mammals and birds throughout the seasons.

His work will be shown at the Greensand Ridge exhibition at the Bedford Street Gallery in Woburn, and proceeds will go to The Greensand Trust.

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Mr Welham said: “The Greensand Trust is something I’ve been involved in for a while.

“They encouraged me to photograph the local wildlife and help them to conserve the beautiful countryside.

“This collection is two years’ work, all about the wildlife on Greensand Ridge.

Mr Welham, who works in Luton but now lives in Woburn, said: “The exhibition is a bi-annual event and I think it’s a much better show this time than the first one.

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“I’ve improved a great deal over the past two years. I’m looking forward to the exhibition and I’ll be there to talk about the photographs, too.”

Sculptress JOEL will also be showing life-size bronzes of Greensand Ridge wildlife to help raise money for the Greensand Trust.

Peter Smith, co-founder and chairman of the trustees of the Greensand Trust, said: “I am most grateful to both artists for their support and I hope this event will be as successful as the one held two years ago.

“The Greensand Ridge, which runs predominantly through Bedfordshire, is home to common and rare species and these exhibits capture the beauty.”

> Admission to the exhibition is free and the exhibition is open from Friday to Saturday, 10am-6pm, and Sunday, 11am-5pm.

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