Cadbury cuts price of Freddo bars from 30p to 25p

Cadbury has announced that the price of Freddos will reduce to 25p, around a year after the world-famous chocolate makers upped the price to 30p.

The price cut comes after data from MoneySupermarket showed that the chocolate bars had surged in price by 200 per cent since the year 2000, going up from 10p to 30p over an 18 year period.

A Cadbury spokesman said: “Brilliant news Freddo fans, we’re pleased to announce that Freddo will become available for 25p once again from March onwards, across price marked packs in independent retailers.

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“This marks the start of a ribbeting year for your favourite frog in 2018, as we launch an exciting promotion with Merlin as well as lots more froggy fun to come later in the year.” The news appears to have gone down well among the chocolate bar’s champions, with dozens of fans taking to social media to voice their delight.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Hurrah! I always have a Freddo in my handbag for emergencies”, while another posted: “This is the kind of positivity I need in my life”.

Another commented: “Let today be henceforth known as international Freddo day.”

Last month Jeremy Corbyn raised his own concerns over the Freddo price tag, complaining it was rising just because of popularity. He said at the time: “I think there is a very obvious motive: those that make Freddos know it’s popular, so they’re making a bit more money. “I think we need to examine this question in some detail and see if there is excessive profit-making by those who make Freddos – then they’ve got us to answer to.”