'˜CBC took too long to sort repairs after leak and asbestos found' claims Leighton Buzzard man

A Leighton Buzzard man was left upset this Christmastime, as he claims the council took too long to carry out repairs after a leak and asbestos were discovered at his home.

Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 1:52 pm
How the ceiling looked before the council inspector visited in October.

Julian Kaye, of Meadow Way, lives on the ground floor of a two storey block of flats and was worried when he discovered a leak coming from his bathroom ceiling that was causing mould.

After he reported the problem “several times” during the summer, a Central Bedfordshire Council investigator visited in October and discovered that the leak was from an upstairs flat.

However, while fixing the leak, it was agreed there could be asbestos in Julian’s ceiling and although it was quickly removed, Julian claims he has been left with a long list of jobs that need finishing.

Speaking before Chistmas, he alleged: “It was a complete shock when they found the asbestos and the first work was carried out by an asbestos removal company.

“There have since been five visits [from council contractors in November] who have removed boxing around pipes and removed the bathroom sink.

“The main light is hanging from the ceiling, the light cord is unattached to the ceiling, two walls have been plasterboarded but there’s no skim on the board, the toilet cistern is loose because its wood frame is unattached to the ceiling hoist and pipe work has not been completed.

“It’s all in all a right mess and I have been unable to wash properly without a sink”.

Julian also claims that the management of the council contractors was poorly organised, because after the asbestos was removed, workmen kept turning up and saying they “couldn’t do anything” until a plumber arrived.

However, after a plumber did arrive, Julian’s sink was taken away and not replaced.

Work started again before Christmas, although Julian was not happy and argued that throughout the process the contractors have needed “a rocket up them!”

Speaking to the LBO before Christmas, a Central Bedfordshire Council spokeswoman commented: “We are sorry to hear of these delays and understand Mr Kaye’s frustration. We will be monitoring the situation closely and requested that all improvements – including plastering, installation of the basin and pipe boxing - be completed on December 21.

“We’re sending a surveyor to Mr Kaye’s address to make sure this happens with no further delays.”