Chris discovers ‘hidden talent’ in the BB house

BAILIFF Chris ‘Squeaks’ James would like a change of pace after his hair-raising time in TV’s Big Brother house – he plans to “return to normality” and open a barber’s shop.

Former Dunstable schoolboy Chris, 21, who lives in Toddington, told the Gazette: “I want to open a barber’s. I cut people’s hair in the house and I think it looked good.”

Chris, who grew up in Houghton Regis and attended Northfields Technology College, expected to last longer on the Channel 5 programme. He said: “I was more surprised than gutted. I thought I brought a lot to the house.

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“I wanted to go into the house because I’ve always watched the programme and they’ve never had anyone like me in there – just someone who will be themselves and have a laugh. And that’s exactly what I did. It was the best experience of my life. I just want to get back to normality really.”

Chris spoke of his favourite moment during his two weeks in the house. He said: “The challenge where you couldn’t laugh was hilarious. Watching it back, I have to admit that getting a pie in the face was funny. It was hilarious because you couldn’t laugh.”

Chris, who has worked as a doorman in Dunstable, Luton and Leighton Buzzard, also lifted the lid on what he thought of the other housemates, including his ‘date’ with boarding school girl Caroline Wharram, 20.

He said: “It was all a wind-up. It was the biggest wind-up ever. It was such a funny moment – we just slated each other afterwards.

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“Luke S always wanted to be the alpha male, but I’m used to being the alpha male myself, so we clashed.

“My friendship with Arron was more of a peace-keeping for both of us as we were both up for eviction.”

Chris spoke more highly of former porn performer Benedict Garrett, 32. He said: “My bromance in the house was with Benedict. I slept in the bed next to his and we really clicked. I hope he wins.

“I’ll keep in touch with Benedict, Shievonne and Adam – they’ve had good words to say about me since I left the house. Some of the others have been two-faced.”

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Chris said that despite not seeking attention since leaving the house, he has been recognised while out in public.

He said: “I was in Tesco the other day and I must have been stopped for about 30 photographs. I was in there for two hours – it doesn’t feel real.”

Chris played down the possibility of a TV career, despite telling presenter Brian Dowling he would jump at the chance to work for Big Brother security.

“Everything happens for a reason. I’ll consider any offers, but if it’s not there I’m not going to go pursuing it.”